Functionality meets design. Unparalleled performance and quality.

Matrix Mirrors specializes in lighted mirrors. Through our partners and representatives, we offer a wide range of models that utilize LED and OLED lighting technology. We developed our mirrors to fit almost any space, whether it’s residential, hospitality, or commercial.

Matrix Mirrors strives for simple design without sacrificing luxury. The thin profile of our LED models, and the even thinner OLED mirrors, are unobtrusive and elegant. We use LED and OLED diodes that produce clean, bright, even light available in different color temperatures. Other features like dimming and anti-fog demisters are also available. Utilizing anodized aluminum, we construct durable, built-to-last frames.

We stand behind our products. The warranty period for mirror frames, parts, or electrical components purchased from Matrix Mirrors is 3 years from the date of purchase. The warranty period for mirror glass purchased from Matrix Mirrors is 5 years from the date of purchase. Contact us for more details.

The Matrix Mirrors team offers extensive industry expertise and personalized design solutions. Matrix Mirrors is a privately owned company located in Atlanta, GA. All mirrors designed and assembled in Atlanta, GA.

Matrix Mirrors L2 LED Illuminated mirror installed in a residential closet. The mirror has a full frame frosted edge illuminated by LEDs. A small cushioned seat rests below the mirror. On the wall are two contemporary paintings. On the shelf nearby are many small items such as a handbag and perfume bottles.
Residential application of the Matrix Mirrors L2 model LED mirrors. Two mirrors shine white light over a bathroom. There are two sinks in a white countertop. The walls are glossy wood panel. There is a white bathtub on the right side and a standing shower behind it. The standing shower is enclosed behind frosted glass.