New Products

Hot releases highlighting  new variations on your favorite mirror styles and accessories.

Wardrobe Mirror

A 30″ x 72″ mirror in the L3 style perfect for mounting in wardrobes or walk in closets. Providing both direct and indirect lighting, this mirror can be controlled via the embedded Glass Button touch sensor within the mirror. 


The Storlite is a sconce that can be mounted alongside your bathroom mirrors. Able to be either flush with the wall or mounted within it, this sconce offers extra storage space and lighting for your bathroom environment. Available in 24″, 36″, and 42″ heights.

Anti-Ligature Mirror

20″ x 30″ anti-ligature mirrors made from scratch resistant shaped polycarbonate to prevent the possibility of bodily harm where applicable. Built on an aluminum frame with integrated light diffusion, this mirror is intended for use in hospitals and rehabilation centers where inmates may be at risk for self-harm.

RGB Mirror

Available in the L1 and L3 mirror styles, this addition gives you the option to customize your mirror with red, green, or blue indirect lighting. Perfect for adding ambiance that matches your company or organization’s branding for professional environments.